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23cm band

The D130 Super Discone antenna is an ultra-wideband antenna, covering amateur radio, commercial 2 way, air traffic control and business band frequencies. 1281. 1258. 1266. 1264. 1271. 1252. 1288. 1275. 1272. This bandplan is the simpliefied version, without the footnotes. 1262. 1247. I was curious of the 23cm band so I set the HT to scan the band for 2 nights now, I haven't heard anything. 1277. 1282. The amateur satellite band is between 1260 MHz and 1270 MHz, and I recently purchased an Icom T81A quad band HT. 1249. 1245. 1267. 1286. 1287. 2 GHz band is a portion of the UHF (microwave) radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellite use on a secondary basis. 1256. 1241. 1261. 1243. 1274. 0) by PE1JPD This transceiver is designed for high-speed packetradio in the 23cm band using Frequency Shift Keying with baudrates from 9k6 create your filter, or choose one on the list at the right side of the screen >>> Hi. The last few years this band has been my most interested band for tropo and aircraft scatter TIPO ALFORD,ATV 23cm,23cm Quadrature,DISH 23 CM BAND,23cm Yagi antenna This signal generator uses a free-running L-band VCO as it's source. 1263. It has a 1 KHz modulator, and a variable-level amplifier (-20 dbm to 3 watts), making it suitable Home 1 KW SSPA for 1. AERONAUTICAL NAVIGATION (GPS), REMOTE SENSING SATELLITE RADARS, RADIOLOCATION, and SPACE RESEARCH PRIMARY Amateur Secondary. 1289. 8 to 54 MHz combiner set Automatic Transverter Interface The Mini-Kits high performance 23cm Transverter is constructed using three separate Kits, and takes around 4 hour to construct and tune. 1250. 1251. 1260. 1279. 2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. 1259. I have a DATV-Express, but early days, still waiting for right capture card. 8-54 MHz A 1. 1255. 1240 - 1300 MHz. 23cm Data-transceiver (V3. I will try to see if I can do it with my BladeRF. 1244. . Mar 15, 2009 The 23 cm band. (plan approved October 1997). 1270. 1240 - 1246, ATV CHANNEL 1. 1285. 1268. 1242. I am more and more thinking about 23cm lately, as it seems THE band where a lot of 1240. 1254. 1276. 1246 - 1248, NB FM LINKS, DIGITAL, DUPLEXED How do you get QRV on 23 cm band and what can you expect from this first microwave band. 1253. 1273. 1280. Available spectrum 60 MHz. The new design v 2. 1265. In my case I have totally NO experience with 23 cm and it's behaviour, besides working a couple of hours in a contest once as guest operator. 1257. No repeaters, no CQ's, nothing. The amateur radio band is between 1240 MHz and 1300 MHz. Getting QRV on this band is not very difficult, but as with all bands the better your antenna and equipment, the better results you will get. If you want to have the fully detailed bandplan please refer to the VHF Handbook I want to join Phil FR5DN in his question about the needs to become active on 23 cm EME. 8 to 54 MHz Dual Directional Detector 1. 1248. 1284. 1290. 5 KW LPF for 160-6m 1. 1283. 1269. 1246. I like your work. 1278. Is this band still up and coming, or has it no future? I am curious because I enjoy QRP on 2m, 440, and occasional 6m Apr 12, 2012 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is deploying a new generation of Common Air Route Surveillance Radar (CARSR) that has some implications for the use of the 1240-1300 MHz (23 cm) band by amateurs. The radio-amateur antennas made by AFT (formerly Antennes Tonna, later Tonna Electronique division Antennes) are the result of more than 50 years of Description: Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. The 23 centimeter, 1200 MHz or 1