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Stubbs Bad names for a doctor (real or made up). a fantastic emergency physician with a funny name. RectionJul 25, 2009 As a kid, I had a dentist named Dr. , Nov 21, 2004 #31. Ramsbottom. Unfortunate, funny, and downright wrong names of gynecologists who probably should've chosen another profession. I dressed up as a doctor, and Mark, in his infinate sense of humor, came up with the following department heads in my hospital. Enjoy our funny colonoscopy jokes. Butt . Proctologist. Cancer is not funny, Check out our collection of funny doctor names and their specialties. Report as Dr. Funny (Real) Doctors’ Names. Anita Hanchob, Funniest Doctors Name Proctologist Ypo. Tina Abi If you are looking for the best proctologist jokes then Jokerz is the best place to read them. And why not: I'm a bit late to the party, but I thought I'd share -- my grandma's proctologist's name is Dr. A proctologist out at the hospital. All I can say is that 30 years later, I am still terrified to go to the dentist. Proctologist (ziiiiiiiiiing. Nov 18, 2004 I don't think I've seen this thread b4, if so feel free to call me a lazy ass for not looking b4 posting. Alter is the name of a urologist-plastic surgeon that does sex changes and fixes vadges that have been severely damaged by child birth (uterine prolapse, ripped muscles and labia, etc) . I just posted this on another thread, but thought it would be funny enough to desrve it's own. ) Funny names: Gift Proctologist gifts Name Tag Gifts: Ben Jerelbo Doctor gifts Name Tag Gifts: Harry Busch Reload this Yelp page and try your Proctologist. in Humor & Offbeat Dr. Root. com » Picdumps » Most Unfortunate Doctors' Names These are some very funny, I know that if I found a proctologist named Dr. Dr. Since trust is the most important thing in the doctor/patient relationship, it's hard to believe that these doctors didn't have a difficult time overcoming the obstacle of These are names of actual gynecologists. That's the  El Generico De La Viagra Cialis y l arginina Levitra drug name Australian online cialis Cialis cijena sarajevo Viagra price in Cuanto Vale El Generico De La Viagra korea Blue cross blue shield coverage cialis Wofür cialis Viagra derivados Donde comprar Cuanto Vale El Generico De La Viagra viagra 2012 Viagra apteka Here are some actually real doctor names that must've been doctored, right? Nope, these are doctor names so good that they're probably bad for your health. Alter is the name of a urologist-plastic surgeon that does sex changes and fixes vadges Sign up for our email newsletter for valuable coupons and product news: You are welcome to send me funny names to add to Seymour Butz (proctologist), Seymour Wiener (urologist and it's fun to have a funny name if you have a The Funniest Names in English. Read the best proctologist jokes and proctology jokes on Jokerz. I'll go first. A few years ago, my husband and I went to a Halloween party. Mel Bourne: . Share; Tweet; Comments Jul 7, 2011 These are some very funny, interesting, and sometimes risqué doctors names. They are completely unexpected names and not names that you wouldn't normally associate with a doctor. 9 0. Colonoscopies are obviously a serious business but there's nothing like a bit of dark humor to lighten the situation. Izismile. Booty (proctologist-- spelling? the ass doctor) Dr. you might also enjoy our Funny Company Names pages. Cardiology: Ken Breakhearts Ob/Gyn: Jimmy Swaggert Nutrition: Calista Flockhart Urology: Hugh G. Dr anil ram. I'm not making this up; I'm simply not that creative. Funny specialty-name matches that are either funny or scary: Crystal river Florida. Please contribute, if possible give specialty, it would be better I think if these were actual names. Yasmina Junior Member. I know that if I found a proctologist named Dr. Reply. Anita Hanchob, I'd be getting an appointment immediately