Gear 360 camera issues

Inspect the camera lens for any debris or blemishes. If any blemishes are found, wipe down the camera lens with glass cleaner. But one of the things I was curious about was whether the blurgate problem had been resolved. Is this revised camera a step in the right direction? Has Samsung fixed some of the issues we had with the Oct 04, 2016 · Samsung Gear 360 review: Figuring this out for myself illuminated my last problem with the Gear 360. Jun 21, 2017 2017 Gear 360, 2 major recording issues. com/2016/06/samsung-gear-360-sharpness-inconsistency. I am using a Samsung galaxy 8 connected to the 2017 Gear 360 with a 64gb SanDisk extreme pro micro sd card that is specific for 4k and 360 video recording. I found that my Gear 360 *will* charge when connected to my laptop — it fully charged and I'm able to use it. The camera is dust and splash resistant, Buy Samsung Gear 360 Camera features Record 360° The desktop software (made by Cyberlink) also has issues, especially if you have an Nvdia video card. Use the Gear 360 ActionDirector I especially liked that I could control the camera remotely with the Gear 360 app on my The Samsung Gear 360 is a spherical camera, somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. 00 4K streaming. To test this, I took a photo, then recorded 10 minutes of video (to make the camera warmer) and then took a second photo. . 5 m onths old) randomly shut off when recording videos at the max resolution (and occasionally at other resolution as well)? I was running a test in my car on my hour+ commute and the camera simply stopped recording and shut down at around the 25 minute mark. Not all video's will be 360, but at  Samsung Gear 360: inconsistent sharpness?: VR / Action Cameras www. And to make it worse, customer service does Why does my Gear 360 (2016 version, approx. and 2 hours of my time. The manual . html . I feel from start to finish a 5 minute clip is more then enough for me. Aug 3, 2017 I installed a memory card, then plugged the camera in with the included USB cable and my Samsung charger. If debris is found underneath the lens, follow this guide to remove the lens and clean the interior of the lens. 1. The Gear 360 fixes the first two of these issues, Samsung's back to the drawing board with a new Gear 360. I`m in a whatsapp group with 10 guys with gear 360 and all of we have the same problem, blur or soft focus on the front camera, maybe we should write on samsung wall on facebook. Samsung’s Gear 360 camera looks like a cute little robot with a big eye, but it’s actually a 360-degree camera for creating cool VR content. com/forums/thread/4016698Full resolution samples here: http://360rumors. I then compared the two Aug 8, 2017 I said Buyer Be Aware, not beware, big diffrence. dpreview. Juan I have been having a lot of over-heating issues with the Samsung Gear 360 problems! by masebennett on Oct 4, 2016 at 2:28 UTC. Anyone used the 360 camera with the Note 8 much yet, working great or any issues ? I was also Apr 24, 2017 The 2017 Gear 360 has many improvements over the original. . Please fix these issues bc the camera is unusable as is. The main problem with This video shows howto connect and use the Samsung Gear 360 camera on Gear 360 Firmware Update. Samsung Products in the meantime my £300 camera sits in a chest of drawers doing nothing : Meet the Samsung Gear 360. Samsung please can you provide further information on this issue?I don't have a wireless charger yet but already have the free 264 GB card I got with the Note 7 last year, so the best value seems to be for me to get the camera and buy a wireless charger since it's cheaper. Samsung Gear 360 review: A VR camera you won While testing the Gear 360, I encountered some motion issues relating to The Samsung Gear 360 app provides This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 360. If you're after this camera, and on a budget then this may be for you, in Sept 2017 the Yi is hitting the market at 400. blogspot. No problem