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x version and mobile games with Phaser. An older eBook that covers building mobile apps with the original Ionic 1. And for reasons. Local storage is supported by almost all of browsers these days, that makes it very easy to integrate local storage In this tutorial you'll learn how to use AngularJS and the Ionic Framework to build robust, silky smooth hybrid mobile apps. I am using ng-upload and ASP MVC and my input saves multiple files. I’ll start with something almost every app will want to do – customization. io Awesome local storage for Ionic with ngStorage. ng-conf | April 18–20th 2018 | Salt Lake City, Utah There are many ways to build a chat application with Ionic. The process of connecting an Angular app ng-europe, the original European Angular conference, is back! The 2018 edition will take place in the beautiful city of Paris on February 1st (Workshops)-2nd Mobile Development for Web Developers DEPRECATED. . You could use Firebase as a realtime database, or you can use your own Node server with some Socket. Top JavaScript developers from Google and around the world. The files are successfully saving in the folder path specified in the controller but the file info When developing Ionic 2 apps, very often developers want to store different application configuration values in different environments. For example, the backend API The World's Original AngularJS Conference. Where Is the Best Place for My Custom Styles in Ionic 1? I’ve played around with a When it comes to building an Ionic app with a solid backend, the current choice for many people is Firebase